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Festival Factory is excited we’re all together on the other side! It’s starting to look like a great music festival comeback in America with new fan appreciation for outdoor music festivals in big green spaces - and weekends celebrating LIVE music featuring major artists!

Festival Factory is planning major weekend campout music festivals now for 2023 in mid-TN. Bluegrass and Country Stars will shine on the Cumberland Plateau!

The resurgence of American music festivals has begun!

Festival Factory specializes in multi-day, campout music festivals in large natural venues, making them destination events involving the local community and wider festival community.

First reviving the legendary 1976 bluegrass music festival STOMPIN 76 www.stompin76.com The new STOMPIN is planned for our new STOMPIN RANCH, Cumberland Plateau, TN about 1 ¼ hrs. SE of Nashville, 1 hr. N of Chattanooga on the Cumberland Plateau for August, 2023. The festival site is presently being excavated and groomed, located 20 mins. S of McMinnville State Road 8. We thank both Warren and Van Buren Counties for their cooperation!

Festival Factory is presently working with the S.A.W.L. corporation busily preparing a green paradise festival destination, transforming more than 600 acres into a sprawling rustic music festival ranch. Camping at low prices is part of the new STOMPIN home. Superb foods, Vendor Village full of services, merchandise and separate cold beverage stands for fast service, Wi-Fi zones and showers are planned. To extend the party, campsite jams, strolling pickers and fiddlers will dot the countryside. Stompin 76 was born to celebrate the nation’s bicentennial in Galax, VA – now STOMPIN is about the celebration of life!!

Festival Factory facilitates contractors, working staff and professional, experienced industry managers in Tennessee. We thank Van Buren, Warren and Sequatchie counties for welcoming STOMPIN RANCH and their cooperation. Festival Factory is pro-music tourism, promoting our festivals to attract fans from everywhere! We are happy these 3 counties will reap the bounty.

STOMPIN RANCH will primarily feature a huge stage in a sculpted 21 acre natural amphitheater with a state-of-the-art sound and lights array. Every festival is a multi-million dollar party!

This project is a result of years of due diligence and continuing planning in Tennessee. Stompin will emphasize reasonable prices from tickets to beer. Stompin is born again, this time to make an annual event making life-changing memories for everyone venturing here. The location is a very special green place with features unmatched on the festival landscape. STOMPIN RANCH will become the country-bluegrass destination for fun, live music and camping!

Festival Factory’s Hal Davidson
and SAWL Corp’s George Dixson
Festival Factory’s Hal Davidson and SAWL Corp’s George Dixson
2020 after signing to jointly bring about STOMPIN

Festival Factory also plans to bring back Rock Fiesta, the epic 2016 weekend Latino music festival. Rock Fiesta may be produced in Texas in 2023.

Festival Factory also consults on concerts and music festivals, providing hard to find experience and knowledge, with a deep understanding of the concert and music festival market today. We are specialists in formulating high quality, effective concert and music festival investment proposals and budgets, and assess projects. Festival Factory is a full spectrum promoter, capable of any task in the concert and music festival industry, working in the United States and in other countries.

Stay tuned for more exciting news throughout 2021.

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